David J R Jones

Singer / Songwriter / Guitarist (of a sort) / Writer / Melancholic / Tea Drinker
Folk 2012…..

Folk 2012…..

Jurnets’ Bar 2013

Set list -

1) A friend
2) Fragrant Vice
3) Stay a while
4) Skint

Just want to encourage you, whether you are an aspiring artist (musician, writer, painter etc); an experienced musician; someone who hasn’t yet discovered their unique talent; or is unsure of their ability :

Be true to your own character; believe in yourself; don’t imitate anyone else; take risks; cultivate awareness; work,work,work; don’t listen to doubters, or people whose criticism is tainted by envy or a false view of who you are, or what you’re potential is; don’t seek fame, popularity or money as your main goal, but pursue true-expression, originality, authenticity, and development of yourself-

Then you will truly be pursuing something that is fulfilling, inspiring, and worthwhile; regardless of whether you become rich, famous, or……not!

David J

David J R Jones ‘Live’

I have three gigs coming up over the next month or so!
21st of June @ The Wildman 
5th of July @ Mickawbers on Pottersgate
25th July @ The Birdcage Norwich Open Mic (Just playing 2 songs on this one)
All start at 9pm
If anyone is free, would be good to see you! 

Also I have quite an exciting opportunity with EPIC Studios in Norwich that I will post once I have it confirmed!!!

Things are moving along nicely!

Dave J

Many Are the Days……….

Waiting - David J R Jones 2012

Review from Mr Chad Mason


A man should have a hat and a hobby. When Davey Jones’ hobby is penning brooding pockets of brilliance, sung with the heart of 400 Liverpools, the hat seems rather meaningless. I wish I hadn’t mentioned the hat. He does wear a hat a lot though. Wearing said hat, he will delight music house regulars as he has already delighted many in Norwich - he’s Number one in online music mecca Reverbnation’s Singer-songwriter charts for the fine city no less. Find out what the html hashtag fuss is about and get ready for a fine set from D.J.R.J. He will be playing with renewed vigour, having abandoned his previous stage name “David Sue-Ellen Jones”. People got the wrong idea apparently. Enjoy..

Some photos from thursday nights’ acoustic session…….

An acoustic version of a song from my first album.